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Our Guiding Philosophy

At ACG, we understand that business environments change and that decisions to retain certain risks, while logical at the time that choice was made, may no longer make sense. Mounting insurance liabilities, stacking collateral requirements, and demand on staff time and financial resources can hamper cash-flow and impede growth of an otherwise healthy company. When a company’s management decides that it is time to release surplus or collateral trapped within its insurance program, shift risk management directions or is simply overwhelmed by its financial obligations, it takes people with the right combination of leadership, legacy claim resolution skills and specialized run-off program experience to restore order.


For companies facing insolvency, management knows that challenges are often like trying to stop a runaway train: You must be prepared to take whatever actions are necessary to gain control and mitigate the damage. Unlike a law firm or an accounting firm, ACG is not tied to a particular approach. The ACG team calls upon a diverse operational and insolvency expertise to coordinate any combination of financial, negotiation, and litigation actions that will produce the best possible outcome.  At ACG, we offer creditors, business owners, management, and trustees a team of insolvency, fraud, and asset recovery specialists who can take command over a chaotic situation to stop the unraveling and begin the reorganization.

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