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Insurance Run-Off

ACG helps companies divest themselves partially or entirely of unwanted Self-Insured Retentions, High Deductible Program liabilities and claim portfolios held within Captive Insurers. ACG’s run-off services can alleviate the ongoing collateral requirements, administrative costs and liability uncertainty associated with legacy claims.  For owners of dormant captives, ACG can eliminate the recurring expenses of owning and managing a captive that has stopped writing new business, help to free up capital for better uses and reduce director exposure for administering a company whose specialized insurance business is outside the scope of their expertise and comfort zones.


Control the outcome with ACG Insurance Run-Off services:

            - Acquisition of captive portfolios;

            - Novations;

            - Commutations;

            - Reinsurance Placement;

            - Run-off Management;

            - Claims Oversight & Consultation;

            - Litigation Management;

            - Management-for-hire;

            - Directorships.

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