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Why Choose Annapolis Consulting Group?


Annapolis Consulting Group, Inc. (ACG) is an international consulting firm that serves Corporate Self-Insureds and Captive Insurers by facilitating their divestment of costly legacy and run-off claim portfolios and by assisting in the resolution of complex insolvency matters.  This allows us to free up or release surplus collateral and to provide overall balance sheet improvement. 


We do this through a veteran team of run-off specialists with expertise in closing out both solvent and insolvent insurance programs.  Our accomplished professionals have industry-specific expertise in self-insured and captive loss portfolio transfers, captive operations and run-off, accounting, legal, risk management, claims, bankruptcy, finance, and international jurisdictional analysis.  Wielding the intellectual capital and authoritative deportment necessary to control dynamic loss portfolio transfers, closures, run-offs, bankruptcy, and receivership situations, ACG manages engagements and projects in all major captive domiciles throughout North America, Europe and the Caribbean.


Captive insurance clients and self-insureds leverage ACG’s expertise and available facilities to close out legacy claim portfolios and/or run-off solvent and insolvent insurance companies that have ceased writing new business. Clients utilizing ACG’s insolvency related consulting services may rely on ACG’s multi-faceted ability to provide expert Due Diligence services and hands-on rehabilitation, management, and liquidation services. ACG has a distinguished reputation for identifying and tracking displaced assets while navigating the complicated legal, regulatory, financial, and international obstacles required to restore them to the rightful owners.


ACG manages engagements and projects throughout North America, Europe and the Caribbean. ACG’s services run the gamut from guidance to execution through total management for sophisticated solvent run-offs and insolvency cases, especially those with insurance and international issues.


The ACG team includes specialists in a variety of areas that are critical to successful run-off portfolio resolution, including:



              Accounting & Forensic Investigation

              Insurance & Reinsurance

              Corporate Operations

              Mergers & Acquisitions


ACG — Control the outcome.

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