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Industry Focus

ACG is ideally suited to assist both solvent and insolvent companies with unwanted legacy claim portfolios whether held as Self-Insured Retentions, High Deductible Program liabilities, or written through a Captive Insurer.  ACG's team of professionals has distinguished expertise in insurance-based and multinational insolvencies and solvent insurer run-offs. ACG’s principals have been involved with resolution of legacy insurance claim portfolios and insurance receiverships since 1993, and ACG's locations and associations position the company for immediate, on-location insurance run-off and insolvency actions.


Through our years of experience with insurance run-off and insolvency, our consultants have garnered uncommon expertise in managing on-shore/off-shore and Chapter 15 issues, for both insurance and non-insurance-based businesses. ACG’s expert understanding of U.S. and international legal and accounting processes enables the company to act as an extension of off-shore businesses in the U.S.

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