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Annapolis Consulting Group

Annapolis Consulting Group, Inc. (ACG) is an acquirer of legacy insurance claim portfolios and captive insurers and a provider of consulting and temporary staffing support to insurance/ reinsurance companies, corporate self-insureds, asset managers, ILS capital providers, and law firms seeking to identify and monetize hidden insurance assets. 


Our strength is our significant experience in legacy program run-off, risk management, claims management, risk assessment and analysis, bankruptcy environments, captive insurance, due diligence and M&A support, and the management of insurance industry vendors and professionals (attorneys, accountants, actuaries, claims administrators, etc.).  


Our Principals are attorneys and insurance professionals who have headed law firms, captive management firms, alternative risk brokerage and consulting operations; served as DOJ Chapter 7 Panel Bankruptcy Trustees; and sat on numerous insurance company and insurance service provider Boards of Directors.



Our Clients Include:


  • Insurance/Reinsurance Companies (Standard and Captive)

  • Corporate Self-Insureds

  • Asset Managers, Family Funds, Hedge Funds and Private Equity Firms

  • Captive managers and consultants

  • Insurance Brokers

  • Bankruptcy, Turnaround, Receivership and Insolvency Consultants

  • Insurance Regulators and Governmental Agencies

  • Law Firms

  • Litigation Finance Companies


Our services include:


  • Stock Acquisition of Captive Insurers

  • Loss Portfolio Transfers (“LPTs”)

  • Commutations

  • Novations

  • Insurance and Reinsurance Solutions

  • Rehabilitations, Liquidations and Insolvencies

  • Schemes of Arrangement

  • Run-off Management

  • Share Valuations

  • Exit Strategy Consultation

  • M&A and Due Diligence Support

  • Insurance Asset Recovery


ACG provides Analysis and Closure Solutions for both solvent and insolvent legacy insurance programs held by Standard Insurers, Captive Insurers and Corporate Self-Insureds in all major insurance domiciles throughout North America, Europe and the Caribbean.  We develop and implement strategies that allow our risk-bearing clients to divest themselves of costly legacy and run-off claim portfolios; achieve finality for insurance programs that are no longer needed or effective; improve cashflow by ending claim payment obligations and related expenses; and release trapped collateral and surplus.   

Our Services

ACG is a full-service firm providing collateral and surplus relief, legacy claim resolution, final captive closures, transfer of selected program underwriting years or lines of business and other practical solutions for both solvent and insolvent entities.  Our services include:

Our Services

Captive Risk Transfers

If you want to be liberated from your captive, or would like to investigate solutions that will resolve your risk retention program, it's time to chat with Annapolis Consulting Group (ACG).

Insurance Run-Off

 ACG’s run-off services can alleviate the ongoing collateral requirements, administrative costs and liability uncertainty associated with legacy claims.

Consulting Expertise

ACG is well versed in all facets of captive mergers and acquisitions, loss portfolio transfers and insolvency resolutions in the United States and abroad.

Risk Retention Transfers

Today, your SIR or High Deductible program it's an unnecessary administrative and regulatory hassle that's tying up cash and collateral on your balance sheet.

Ready to find out more?

We are excited to learn more about your company and its needs. Please contact us with questions or requests for an initial meeting. Thanks again for your trust.

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